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  • Seen, read 2023: Q4

    Same as before. October
    1-3.10 – THE X-FILES S6E13-15
    5.10 – HOW TO WITH JOHN WILSON S3E1 (dnf)
    8-9.10 – THE X-FILES S6E16
    10.10 – finished playing “Ghost of Tsushima” (PS4) with 45 hours in; really enjoyed this game, it is very cinematic and i found the story to be more engaging than Horizon’s.…

  • Seen, read 2023: Q3

    Same as before.

    1.7 – COLUMBO S7E2, THE IDOL S1E1 – this show is the absolute worst.
    2.7 – SUPERNOVA (2000) – not great but really not that bad, why am I only learning of this now?…

  • Seen, read 2023: Q2

    Same as before. April
    1.4 – MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM (1981) (dnf), THE X-FILES S5E3-4
    2.4 – THE X-FILES S5E5-6 (dnf)
    3.4 – FURIOUS SEVEN (2015) – I fast forwarded this when it came out because of one song in its soundtrack but this time I actually sat down and watched this and paid attention and let me tell you: this movie is dumb.…

  • Seen, read 2023: Q1

    Same as before. January
    1.1 – 7 WOMEN AND A MURDER (2021), not sure why we started and/or finished this – it felt like a poorly written KNIVES OUT remake (but turns out it’s actually a poorly written remake of another movie).…

  • Seen, read 2022

    Same as before. All caps, bold: MOVIE, All caps: TV SERIES, Italics: Book, Quotation marks: “Video game”, * for seen/read/played before.…

  • Seen, read 2021

    Inspired by Soderbergh’s annual list of “seen, read,” and with the help of almost two full months of journaling (sigh), Goodreads and the Netflix’ viewing history (there will be some misplaced but memorable mentions at the end): All caps, bold: MOVIE, All caps: TV SERIES, Italics: Book, Quotation marks: “Video game” Disclaimer: a lot of the movies are rewatches and a lot of the books are rereads (signified with * when remembered) but worst of all, a lot of the shows are just really crappy dating reality TV.…