• Seen, read 2023: Q4

    Same as before. October
    1-3.10 – THE X-FILES S6E13-15
    5.10 – HOW TO WITH JOHN WILSON S3E1 (dnf)
    8-9.10 – THE X-FILES S6E16
    10.10 – finished playing “Ghost of Tsushima” (PS4) with 45 hours in; really enjoyed this game, it is very cinematic and i found the story to be more engaging than Horizon’s.…

  • the smart girl’s guide to privacy, revisited

    The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy” is the name of a 2015 ebook by Violet Blue on staying safe online that I got in some bundle – this is not really based on it, as I never really got around to finishing it, but the name has stuck with me, as it only gets more relevant.…

  • Escape from G**gle Photos part 3: Immich

    It’s been almost another full year since the last part, and (naturally) the setup has switched dramatically: I’ve ditched LibrePhotos and ResilioSync for an app that does it all: Immich.…

  • Seen, read 2023: Q3

    Same as before.

    1.7 – COLUMBO S7E2, THE IDOL S1E1 – this show is the absolute worst.
    2.7 – SUPERNOVA (2000) – not great but really not that bad, why am I only learning of this now?…

  • Seen, read 2023: Q2

    Same as before. April
    1.4 – MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM (1981) (dnf), THE X-FILES S5E3-4
    2.4 – THE X-FILES S5E5-6 (dnf)
    3.4 – FURIOUS SEVEN (2015) – I fast forwarded this when it came out because of one song in its soundtrack but this time I actually sat down and watched this and paid attention and let me tell you: this movie is dumb.…

  • Seen, read 2023: Q1

    Same as before. January
    1.1 – 7 WOMEN AND A MURDER (2021), not sure why we started and/or finished this – it felt like a poorly written KNIVES OUT remake (but turns out it’s actually a poorly written remake of another movie).…