The Seiko 5 SNZG15

Often touted as the “best affordable mechanical watch”, it’s a great piece to look at, very comfortable to wear, and rock-solid. There is only one problem with it: I lost it during the Last Great Move.

I already had it once, so I don’t care if it’s new. They sometimes pop up in OLX, but people there charge as much as they cost brand new. I found a decently priced used one here, but they didn’t answer my email – I asked them about the language on the date indicator, as the pictures show German. AFAIK, this should be the second language (my original was in Arabic!), and the first one should always be English, but I wanted to make sure. After not hearing back via email, I was meaning to call them, but then I broke my phone…

Useless trivia time: different versions of this watch will say that they are made in different countries, and the “Made in Japan” ones (like my original one) will usually cost slightly more. However, following their trade wars in the late 80s, watchmakers in Japan and in Switzerland have extremely loose regulations on what “Made in X” really means. In reality, they could all come from the same factory in a different Asian country, but those that say “Made in Japan” must have been assembled under a Japanese supervisor.

Status: Found (through gifting)