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  • The 512KB Club part 2: Going below 100KB

    WordPress released the first beta for 6.1, including the all-new default theme, Twenty Twenty Three, and on a whim I decided to try it out and see if I can squeeze a few extra bytes after my first attempts at optimization. I’m happy to report that this site is now around 93 KB uncompressed and […]

  • (Finding about and) Joining the 512KB Club

    While reading a blog post linked at the orange site, I noticed and followed a funny little banner, and that’s how I got to – a list of “performance-focused” websites under the 512KB threshold (before compression). After reviewing their FAQ, I ran to GTMetrix to scan my website – even if I don’t subscribe […]

  • Limit your sites to VPN and local clients only

    The problem: You have a bunch of sites running behind an nginx proxy, and you want to limit access to some of the more critical ones to your VPN clients only as a second security layer. You also have an ISP that will sometimes change your public IP address, so you are using the services […]

  • Easy, Cheap Digital Life Redundancy

    This is a belated response to the “I’ve locked myself out of my digital life” post that was circulating earlier this month. Its author describes a hypothetical situation in which a single unexpected disaster (such as a lightning strike) could cause disruptive damage to your digital – and in turn, to your “analogue” – footprint. […]

  • Openbox scaling for HiDPI displays

    I recently switched to a laptop with a 16:10 QHD display (popularized as Retina by a certain shoddy company), and I faced a problem that I had been fearing for a while – scaling on X11/Openbox. Specifically, I really didn’t want to switch to anything Wayland, GNOME and/or KDE related – not because I have […]